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Name: Chenjianlong Gender: Male

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Date of Born: 1991-03-18 Place of Born: 江苏省淮安市楚州区
Feature of Politics: 中共党员 Graduate Year: 2014
Status of Health: Health Height: 178CM
Weight: kg Eyesight:
academic structure: Three years Education Background: 大专
Degree: bachelor's degree Foreign Language: English 
Computer Skills: 国家一级 Language Level: CET-4
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Mobile phone: ****** Office-Phone: ******
E-mail: ****** Zip: ******
QQ: ******
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For City1: 南通市 For Post1: 道桥设计与施工
For City2: 无锡市 For Post2: 工程监理
For City3: 淮安市 For Post3: 工程监理
Needhouse: 要求住房 Salary: 面谈